2nd Run of the Year

Just got back from a 5k run. It’s freezing here, 14°F (feels like 0°F). Luckily, there’s no snow on the ground. When I left for the track, there was snow on my windshield (when did it snow?), but just some soft snow that the wipers easily brushed off.

Truthfully, I wasn’t going to run today. I went for a run Monday and it was drizzling but 40°F out. This weather in January, I just had to! Well, it started to pour and I came home partially drenched. Took a hot showered and bundled up, but I woke the next day with a stuffy nose and itchy throat. My dad attributes my sickness to my run in the rain. I love running in the rain by the way. Long story short, I thought I’d take some days until my congestion cleared up.

This morning my brother asked if I was going to go for a run today. I said probably not, it’s freezing and I’m getting over being sick. Side note, my brother doesn’t work out, run, etc. He doesn’t need to, still young with a great metabolism. I was kinda surprised so I asked why he wanted to. Cliche “New Year, New Me”? Honestly, I think it’s great. The mark of a new year, even if it is just a continuation of time and more symbolic than anything, is just that, the mark of starting something new. So, why not?

It’s sunny out so as the day progressed and my stuffiness got better, I figured, “Why not?”

I know you need rest days, I learned this the hard way, but days that I’m just lazy and make excuses, I always regret not running when I could have. I always feel great after running and glad I did.

Maybe I have a new running buddy now too (:

New Shoes
Here’s my review:
I got these new Nike running shoes, the Air Zoom, with monetary gifts from my birthday. Tried them out today for the first time. I’ve always had some version of Nike Free, but the soles are thin and with the miles I do, they wear out pretty fast. I do love the lightness and the flexibility of those shoes. These have a thicker sole so obviously not as flexible and a bit hard but no pain. I think once I break them in and I get used to them, they’ll be just fine. I wanted to try a thicker soled shoe since I’ll be covering more miles come spring to train for my marathon early fall. These were labeled for distance and had great reviews. I’ll update as I wear them.

Tip: I buy directly from the Nike website, usually clearance shoes (which are typically just outdated colors). If you sign up for Nike+ (which is free), you get free shipping and it’s pretty fast. Also, sign up for their E-mails. I frequently get an extra 20% or 25% off clearance. I get a great deal on awesome shoes and fantastic gear.



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