Evolution Artisan Confections

I am my mother’s daughter, definitely. We both have an immense sweet tooth that is mostly boundless.

This past fall, we tried Evolution Artisan Confections in Valparaiso, IN.

Like you’re reading a book: spicy mango, blood orange, matcha, liquid honey, banana foster, raspberry lychee and rose, dark caramel, passionfruit, and chai.

My favorites in no particular order (it was hard to pick just one): banana foster, liquid honey, and chai.

Nonetheless, they were all delectable! You can tell quality ingredients and lots of love go into these beautifully crafted and delicious chocolates. Not only that, but they source local ingredients as well. The honey used in the chocolate above is from a local Northwest Indiana farmer, Ken Theis Family Honey Farm in Kouts. I think this is fantastic!

We were lucky enough to come in and meet the mind and hands behind these sweet confections and his lovely wife. They are owners of this fine establishment and were such great people. Not only were they very knowledgeable and amicable, but you could just tell how passionate they were. They walked us through their selections since it was out first time visiting. I seriously wished I could buy one (or two) of everything. I’ll just have to keep going back. They are always creating something new too!

They also offer pastries and desserts and make custom orders. Since they source local, they support local business by carrying an array of local products in their storefront: honey, marshmallows, etc.

We recently were in the area again so we just had to stop by again and bought a few more chocolates to try. We also snagged some macarons but the focus this time will be their bonbons, mainly because we ate them before I even realized I hadn’t taken a picture. Next time! A perfect excuse to go back soon.

For the holidays, the cute stocking chocolate was a dark chocolate cherry pistachio. The filling was wonderful, the cherry wasn’t overpowering. I usually dislike those mass produced, store bought cherry chocolates with the whole cherry and mystery liquid inside. Not a fan. They taste so artificial, even if there is a “real” cherry inside.

The second, and for the life of me I can’t remember exactly what the name of it was, was like a pecan, bourbon praline? Really great as well.

These are indulgent and exquisitely crafted. The pictures really don’t do them justice. Plus, they are very reasonably priced. I adore this place.

Note: They sell gift certificates as well and like I mentioned, make custom orders. They frequently update their Facebook page with new creations, check them out!


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