Green Street Smoked Meats

I was in Greektown Friday night, meeting up my boyfriend and his best bud. They’re already inebriated (it’s 6:30pm) when I get there and they’re starving. Luckily, I was hungry too and dinner choices are plentiful in the West Loop.

His bff loves ramen so we tried checking out High Five Ramen. 2-3 hour wait was a no go but, I so wanted a hot bowl after our walk there – freezing. I’ll be back!


No worries though, Green Street Smoked Meats is right upstairs (they are from the same restaurant group – Hogsalt). We climb back upstairs (High Five Ramen is in the basement), walk in and the place is poppin’! Music, a stocked bar, great food, and a fun atmosphere – this was the place to be Friday night. We made it in just before the dinner rush, but it’s served cafeteria style so service is quick! You walk up to the counter, order your meat (sandwich or by the 1/2 lb.), and then you choose a side … or 2. For alcohol, the bar is in the middle of the joint offering a wide variety on draught, cocktails, cans, and bottles. I got a Founder’s Rubaeus (raspberry ale, great smooth mouthfeel from the nitro pour, almost creamy, just delicious). They chop up the meat in front of you as you order, and boy did it look good! We saw a slightly charred, juicy hot link getting sliced and opted for the Warren Moon sandwich (yes, we all got the same thing) which is chopped brisket and a hot link on a bun. Best of both worlds!

I also got a side of potato salad. Seeing it through the glass on the counter really sold me on it. It looked so creamy and I love red potatoes. However, they have various side options, all of which looked great: baked beans, elote (Mexican) style corn, etc.


Seating is cafeteria style, wooden picnic style tables, seat yourself. I love the concept and like I said the vibe was awesome, and this was some darn good barbecue. They use wood fire to smoke in house. I would definitely recommend and know I’ll be back!


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