Cinnamon Bun Doughnuts

I’ve really been putting this doughnut pan to work!

Since my first post, I’ve made some chocolate coffee and cinnamon bun doughnuts. Excuse the terrible picture quality, they look almost black but I promise they weren’t burnt!


The Coffee Chocolate (mocha) doughnut recipe is from Baker by Nature.


The coffee I use is Flor de Jinotega from a union cooperative of agriculture, Soppexcca, in Nicaragua. I went there on an alternative spring break trip during college. Even though I was only there for a week and we were teaching, we were taken to some really neat places so that we could dive into the local culture. My favorite place was this cooperative and of course I brought some coffee back! Since then, I’ve ordered it online from Thanksgiving Coffee Company. It’s a light roast and absolutely delicious. I’m not even really a coffee drinker, but when I do, I make a pot of this stuff.

I got 10 doughnuts from the recipe. The batter was runnier than the previous batters, so that might be why. They weren’t as fluffy, slightly more dense but I liked the texture. They were almost brownie like. The doughnuts were ready in about 10 minutes. I always keep an eye on them so that they don’t over bake and dry out or burn.

Also, I only made half the topping and I made some tweaks to it. I had some Kahlua left over from the holidays so I figured I could substitute half the coffee  for some. Great move! It gave them a modest kick. Mine turned out a bit runnier though than the pictures in the recipe so it was more of a glaze than a “topping”.

Now, these cinnamon bun doughnuts, seriously have been the best ones so far! I’m sitting right in front of them and having to smell them is making me drool. I already had one before dinner so I can’t have any more and ruin my appetite *sigh*.


They’re a Tastemade recipe and there’s a video. I followed the recipe exactly. Only note is that there’s an egg listed in the ingredients but not in the instructions so I figured it obviously went with the wet ingredient mixture. I also had some of the cinnamon pecan brown sugar mixture used in the middle as the cinnamon swirl so I added some on top as well!

I would make only have the cream cheese frosting, I got 6 doughnuts from the recipe and had glaze left over. Of course, I saved to use later (:

Try these out!


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