The Long Room

The Long Room in Chicago celebrated it’s 17th birthday this past Thursday. Happy Birthday guys! I’ve been to the Long Room before and it never disappoints. I always find a great new beer and the food is always delicious.

This place serves as a coffee shop, a breakfast spot, a craft beer bar, dinner, and brunch joint all in one.

“The Long Room offers service from early morning until late night, delivering a thoughtfully curated full scale coffee program, a playful ever-changing beer list, and a well rounded collection of spirits and classic cocktails.” – The Long Room

A breakdown:

The Long Room coffee house brews up Counter Culture Coffee with the options to add a variety of flavors of house made syrups and Rishi teas and cafe cocktails during the mornings (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere).

The bar’s rotating tap list and cocktail menu have something for everyone. I found my favorite beer here: Headless Heron from Central Waters Brewing Co., a generously spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, this barrel-aged pumpkin spice ale overflows with dark fruit, dried fruit, and hints of bourbon. Sorry to go off on a tangent but this was subtly amazing. Anyway, these guys have a pretty good eye when it comes to picking out some tasty brews and the list is quite diversified.

The Sidecar (a restaurant extension in the Long Room) rotates chef’s. For breakfast, the Biscuit Man serves up some mean biscuits in sandwich form or with butter and jam. Beard & Belly dish out some tasty burgers, among other sandwiches. They do have lunch, Indian inspired options by the Biscuit Man, but I have not the privilege to try it, yet. Brunch on weekends is Biscuit Man again with his flaky biscuits. They used to have Sunday pop up brunch menus by guest chefs but I think every now and then they’ll still have some, so make sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date! Occasionally for dinner, Bombay Breakdown breaks down dinner with it’s “Indian-ish” cuisine.

So, this place is really cool and I think underrated. I’ve loved everything Ive tried from the rotating chefs and I love the chai tea and trying new beers!

Here’s what I had this past week (:

We went for dinner so Beard & Belly were hanging out. You can see Beard below and I only caught Belly’s arm prepping our order. I ordered the half-pint burger with fries and a side of ranch (I dislike ketchup). They also had beignets with a stout caramel dipping sauce. I grabbed an Allagash White, a Belgian style wheat beer, to wash it all down. Needless to say after all my previous praise, it was all thoroughly enjoyable.






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