Oreo Overload

Yet another baked doughnut recipe! I’m sorry but with the amount of enticing recipes I’ve been finding, I’ve been baking doughnuts on pretty much a weekly basis. So, stay tuned (:

For all you Oreo lovers, this is an Oreo Overload doughnut from The First Year blog.

I absolutely love Oreo cookies, but … just the cookie. I NEVER eat the cream in the middle. I dislike it. Too sugary maybe? Weird, since I love sweets. I don’t know but I twist the Oreo to separate the 2 cookies and use a spoon to scrape out the cream. I know, blasphemy! But, is there really a right way to eat an Oreo? Yes, I know. There actually is. I’ve seen the commercials. In case you didn’t know, this one is as informative as it is adorable:


Well, for this recipe, I did what I usually do. If you’re a cream hater like me, I would suggest NOT to take the cream out OR add maybe another 3 tbsp of sugar? I found that the doughnut itself wasn’t very sweet and a little dry with just the cookie chunks. Next time, I’ll leave the cream … or add more sugar.

Other than that, I followed the recipe almost exactly. I came out with 6 doughnuts. For the topping, I loved the use of white chocolate. This made up some for the lack of sweetness in the dough. However, I couldn’t find white chocolate/vanilla Candiquick at my grocery store so I was going to buy a Ghirardelli or Lindt white chocolate bar. None of those either. Luckily, I remembered I had some leftover Lindt white chocolate truffles from the holidays so I melted and used those (after taking the cream filling out of course).

Regardless, these were enjoyable. I’m thinking in the summertime, these split lengthwise with some cookies and cream ice cream in the middle, for a doughnut ice cream sandwich would be fantastic.


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