The Chicken Shop

Soho House Chicago is a hotel and members’ club in the Fulton Market District. However, they do offer public restaurants: Fox Bar, Chicken & Farm Shop, and The Allis.

I recently tried the Chicken Shop (specializing in marinated rotisserie chicken) upon some West Loop lunch research and the recommendation of a friend. Established in London in 2012, this chain boasts 11 locations in the UK, one in Spain, and one in the US, in Chicago! Thank goodness, because this is seriously THE best friend chicken sandwich I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste.

They use a chicken thigh (my favorite part of a chicken because, although considered dark meat, it’s like white meat but it’s juicier and more flavorful that the breast). The fried chicken is just the right crispiness outside and so juicy and succulent inside. It almost literally melts in your mouth. The bun in the perfect compliment and the toppings/condiments as well. A must try for anyone who love fried chicken!

The fries were okay, nothing special except that they were crinkle cut. The cornbread was pretty good (not dry) and served with this special butter. I’m telling you, this butter though was like crack! This stuff tasted like yellow cake batter. This really took the cornbread up a notch. My lunch date spread the butter on his sandwich as well.

Side note, they have a great lunch special! M-F 11:00AM to 4:00PM you can get $15 for a fried chicken sandwich, fries, cole slaw, or collard greens, and a drink. Order the coke, you get that amazing Coca Cola that comes in a glass bottle (just tastes infinitely better). They have 2 other options as well a Dirty or Dirty Cop Out Burger (I heard the burger is little small though) OR a quarter chicken (rotisserie) both also with the choice of a side and a drink. This is a great price for lunch in this Chicago neighborhood. I’d still go anytime and try this!


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