Bar Siena‘s walk-up window, BomboBar, delivers some fresh, delectable, sugar-coated bomboloni (Italian, “hole-less,” filled doughnuts). They’re fried, coated, and filled up as you order so they’re fresh and warm – crisp on the outside, and just the right fluffiness/chewiness inside, with the filling of your choice!

They used to just fill them but now they insert a small plastic squeeze bottle for you to fill the bombo yourself! I love interacting with my food and this allows you to controls how much filling you want and you can more evenly distribute it. I usually take out the little bottle (it says “Squeeze Me,” how cute!) and just squeeze the filling onto the doughnut as I take bites!

BomboBar is perfect for a quick treat anytime you’re in the West Loop! They’re reasonably priced as well. Bombos are $3, which compares to doughnut prices at specialty doughnut shops in the city. They not only serve bomboloni but also coffee and gelato, among seasonal creations.

Once the temperatures drop, BomboBar dresses up some creamy, steamy “Hotter” Chocolate. They have two milk chocolate option, Funfetti and S’mores. I’ve only tried the S’mores hot chocolate, which is beautifully presented: toasted marshmallow fluff, chocolate biscotti, a chocolate donut, and chocolate drizzled on top. Granted, although delicious, it’s really a little too sweet for me, so I willingly shared mine (this is rare). The regular Hot Chocolate is pretty darn good as well with just whipped cream and shaved chocolate. It’s not as intricate of course, but hits the spot for $5!


S’mores “Hotter” Chocolate

I haven’t tried their gelato yet since I’ve only been when it’s cold out so I haven’t been in the mood for it. It’s made from scratch and you can enjoy some as is or, scooped into a waffle cone or sandwiched between 2 cookies. The Italian ice would be so refreshing in the summer! 🙂


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