Do Rite Donuts

This may be my favorite donut shop in Chicago. Do Rite Donuts and donut do wrong!

I first tried this artisanal doughnut shop after the Big Ten 10k last year as a treat (: I went for the yeast raised, chocolate glazed. The texture was light and fluffy, with just enough chewiness. Also, the chocolate glaze was fantastic: not too sweet and glistening with a beautiful sheen. Not to mention, they’re decently sized! I shared, which again, is quite rare.

I unfortunately hadn’t been back until recently. I kind of forgot about them? My boyfriend and I had brunch in River North and after decided to grab some doughnuts. We know Firecakes is in River North but we (I) decided to drive into the Loop (not too far and the streets weren’t busy on a Sunday afternoon) to go to Do Rite (he loves me). They were pretty much out of donuts since it was almost closing time (2pm at the Randolph location) but they still had some carrot cake and chocolate old fashioned but, the carrot cake caught my eye.

So glad I went in! Not that Firecakes isn’t good but this was honestly one of the best doughnuts I’ve ever tried. The texture was amazing: a lightly crisp outer crust and a moist, fluffy, but nicely dense inside. The taste too; you really do get carrot cake and the cream cheese frosting is not too overpowering. Overall, a nice balance of sweetness. The doughnut was just sweet enough and the tangy frosting was a nice compliment. There were even some candied pecans on top. Just look at this beauty! Although, my brother says it looks like a baked potato with mashed potatoes on top 😛


Do Rite’s Carrot Cake Donut

Top 5 Doughnuts I’ve tried so far (not in any particular order), just to put things into perspective:

    1. Do Rite’s Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
    2. General American Donut Company’s Yeast Toasted Almond Glazed
    3. Glazed and Infused’s Pilsen Yeast Mango Glazed with Tajín and Lime Zest
    4. Holey Moley’s Indonesian Vanilla or Chai Cake
    5. Doughnut Vault’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

Honorable mention: Dinkle’s Maple Walnut Cake

I saw on Do Rite’s Instagram account that they were making cute heart shaped, vanilla glazed, yeast (raised) doughnuts for Valentine’s Day so, I decided I’d reserve one and order online for pickup.


Do Rite’s Valentine’s Sweetheart Donut

I couldn’t just order one (I mean c’mon). I ordered a mix to bring home and try:

Do Rite makes their doughnuts in small batches, never more than 36 at a time. Freshness is their goal and they also offer gluten free and vegan options (I would never but to each their own). You can just tell these are fresh. They were all so tasty! The cinnamon old fashioned was a little oily but still delicious, like cinnamon toast crunch and I loved the hint of lemon in the Meyer Lemon Pistachio. I donut need to go on again about carrot cake and the Valentine’s doughnut was so cute with an amazing raised texture (just like my first yeast, chocolate glazed doughnut there).

Not only do they make delicious doughnuts, but their Erie location in Streeterville make “famous” chicken sandwiches. I’ll need to try those! I believe the sandwich is fried chicken in a glazed doughnut bun (wow).


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