Frida’s Cafe

I absolutely adore this little gem! Frida’s Cafe and Gallery is a unique coffee shop that serves as a tribute to Kahlo while celebrating Mexican folklore though local art and cultural products. They not only serve coffee, light fare, and delicious sweets but display local art and sell Mexican novelties (i.e. jewelry, mugs), candy, etc. in its quaint gift shop.

The cafe is decorated so beautifully with vivid colors and unique furniture. You walk in and you’re transported to a unique, cultural experience. The music playing really sets the ambiance and is just as unique, interesting, and enjoyable as the decor.

I was so excited when I saw this place was going to open up in Northwest Indiana, near my hometown. I think NWI really needs more places like it. It’s an adorable place to go on a lovely date and share a sweet treat, do some homework while grabbing some coffee, meet up with friends and enjoy a frappe, or to pick up a special gift while getting acquainted with Mexican lifestyle. Really, any excuse to go, just go! Students receive 10% off with their student IDs.

I haven’t tried the food yet. They offer a small, rotating menu of different tamales and a variety of sandwiches, but I think it’s perfect for a cafe.

I have tried plenty of drinks though. The cafe de olla which is traditional Mexican coffee with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined Mexican brown cane sugar), very good (not too strong, just enough sweetness, and a cinnamon kick will warm you right up). I’ve tried a few of the frappes which are very creative Mexican flavors like Mazapan (peanut candy), Gansito (like a Twinkie but strawberry jam filled and chocolate covered), horchata (sweet rice water flavored with vanilla and cinnamon), and Marias (crisp, lightly sweet cookies) among others. They’ve all been delicious! Also, note that Tuesdays are Frappe Tuesdays at Frida’s.

As far as baked goods, I’ve tried the conchas (delicately sweet Mexican roll with a sweet streusel like, crumbly topping in the shape of a seashell, hence the name concha which is Spanish for seashell) and they’re good (a little dry for my taste) but I’ll probably still get mine from my local Mexican bakery. The unique thing is that sometimes they have blue ones! That’s not a usual color. I recently had the Mazapan cupcake and that was incredible! The cake and the frosting were flavored perfectly. How they manage to get the Mazapan flavor just right is amazing (obviously they use real Mazapan candy but they flavor is prominent, easily discernible and not overbearing).


The thing I’ve most excited to rave about is the concha filled with ice cream! They had it when they first opened (it was still warm out last year here in September) but I think they aren’t offering it during winter. I hope they bring it back as soon as it really starts to warm up. The concha is filled with vanilla ice cream, walnuts, and a raspberry drizzle.


La Concha


Follow them on Facebook! They are always updating status with new items and events. They held an event for Dia de los Muertos, a Day of the Dead Gala, which I unfortunately was unable to attend. Other events they host are open mic nights and cultural events. They arranged an anniversary night to commemorate the Mexican revolution with a vocalist who imitates a famous Mexican signer, Rocio Durcal. I think it’s great that they introduce these types of cultural events to the community. Coming up, they’re organizing a Frida influenced photoshoot.

This place is great. Service is exceptional and everything is fairly reasonably priced, including the gift shop items. I’ve been telling everyone and am working my way through taking all of my close friends on dates.



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