The 606 Trail

The 606 Trail, or the Bloomingdale Trail, is a former elevated railroad. The railroad used to run on Bloomingdale Ave. until it was elevated due to a Chicago ordinance in 1893 intended to reduce pedestrian fatalities. By the 1980s, freight activity was minimal and by the 1990s any freights still using the track were rerouted. … Continue reading The 606 Trail


2nd Run of the Year

Just got back from a 5k run. It's freezing here, 14°F (feels like 0°F). Luckily, there's no snow on the ground. When I left for the track, there was snow on my windshield (when did it snow?), but just some soft snow that the wipers easily brushed off. Truthfully, I wasn't going to run today. … Continue reading 2nd Run of the Year