West Town Bakery

West Town Bakery is an eccentric local bakery that serves breakfast and lunch in addition to yummy baked goods. They strive to be green and sustainable and offer options for everyone (all main food allergies accounted for). I like what they stand for and it’s a cool shop to visit, very colorful and unique inside. I’ll need to visit some time for breakfast or lunch.

I stopped by recently for a quick treat and picked up 2 baked goods: a yeast, chocolate glazed, sprinkle doughnut and a s’mores doughssant (or cronut, whatever). I thought about trying the pumpkin doughssant and my logic is skewed here but it’s February and pumpkin season, for me, is over. S’mores though is okay right now. That’s an autumn treat as well, but s’mores also remind me of summer and winter right now is dragging out and making me yearn for summer. It’s been longer since S’mores season I guess. Anyway, that was my choice and I was so happy with it! That doughnut was astounding! It’s a doughnut and a croissant hybrid, genius. This was my first one and it set a high bar.

The doughssant had a sugar coating and a chocolate drizzle on the outside (as you can probably see). The layers were crunchy and flaky but chewy and the marshmallow fluff was yummy. The other end had a chocolate mouse type filling which I didn’t notice until eating it. A lovely surprise!

The chocolate glazed, yeast doughnut was good as well, but not anything special. The dough was denser and not as fluffy as I’d like (seemed a bit over fried) but a solid doughnut.

Please try the doughssants here though! I’m sure their breakfast and lunch are delightful as well (:


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